About Traditional Cupping Wellness Clinic
A Guiding Dream

After offering successful Hiajma Therapy to hundreds of people over the past fifteen years, without one single infectious or negative outcome, the Traditional Cupping & Wellness Clinic's recent new mission began with a guiding dream. A dream directing owner James McConnell, aka Sh. Umar Rabbani towards offering effective fertility treatment for the many fertility and reproductive problems that are so prevalent  today.  A heavenly solution and power to reverse the many ill health effects caused by the multiple environmental factors that cause infertility around the world.

We are so certain this fertility treatment will work we guarantee it by offering a 100% money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied. We really are here to help people overcome their difficulties. Difficulty having children can be very stressful and taxing.

For those blessed with a pure heart and who are truly spiritually advanced persons gifted with such abilities, dreams (visions) are often open windows into Divine heavenly stations and knowledge. These visions are far more vivid and real than normal dreams and when properly respected and observed can and do guide people to a better understanding. For many of our practitioners this ability is second nature and very common - a gift that can as quickly be taken away as easily as it was given, if not respected and nurtured.

Spiritual practices can be both good and evil. Americans today spend millions each year on psychic services which almost exclusively represent the dark or evil side of spirituality. Littered with many frauds, the real psychics call on dark forces and beings to assist in the process of telling fortunes. These common practices and services have all but destroyed the correct and healthy understanding of good spirituality and the benefits it can provide.


In that early guiding vision came the heavenly solution that promises to reverse the many factors causing infertility and reproductive health issues. The Traditional Cupping & Wellness Clinic has taken up that challenge in helping both men and women overcome the many environmental agents they have been exposed to. Agents and bad lifestyle practices that are  sterilizing large populations and causing people to become infertile.


Food additives, BPA in plastic packaging, vaccines, fluoride in the water, GMOs, herbicides, pesticides, chemicals, cosmetics and the many other agents that disrupt the human reproductive systems, in both men and women, are partly to blame. In our previous practice we helped many clients suffering from fertility problems and illnesses. We have had very good results. But now the opening is much wider and the understanding of how to fully treat fertility disorders is much better and currently available to all who wish to come.

Clients should fully understand this is a religious practice and procedure sanctioned by Prophet Muhammad (saw). If that concerns you, then you know very little about the religion of Sufism (Islam) that the owners follow and you have likely fallen prey to the hysterical presentations on TV that are put forward by the same people trying to kill us all off with endless wars for profit. The vast majority of religious people are asleep today and misrepresenting most all religions.

Just to be clear . . . .

We fully reject the abhorrent teachings of the Saudi brand of Wahhabi Islam prevalent in most Islamic Centers in the West and we as Sufi Muslims are well equipped and motivated to combat religious extremism in America and the World.

Our Practitioners are highly trained, way beyond the level and requirements that most alternative health practitioners receive. Our Practitioners are part of an unbroken chain of students and teachers that can be traced directly back to Prophet Muhammad (saw) himself. We are not here for everyone, and not here to try to convince anyone that what we offer is valid or real. Each of you should follow your own heart. But for those who do understand this process and wish to have relief, you are most welcome to come try what we have to offer.

The procedure of Hijama is simple and fairly painless with only some slight discomfort from the small incisions on the skin. More importantly it is very inexpensive making it affordable to all who wish to receive this blessed treatment.

Hijama Therapy, not to be confused with oriental cupping, sports cupping, massage cupping or other newly developed modalities being incorporated into many wellness programs has very specific rules that maximize the benefits received from this wholly religious practice that was sanctioned by authorized Saints and Prophets. It is the focused spiritual component administered by highly trained, morally vetted, spiritual practitioners who can address the spiritual, mental and physical needs of a client.

You have all seen the erectile dysfunction commercials and most of you are beginning to understand that the explosion of cancers in both men and women is no accident. Many of you are aware of the hundreds of thousands of children who die from horrific chronic illnesses like leukemia. Many of you may have experienced for yourself the loss of energy and vitality you once had in your life.

A healthy skepticism is welcomed. There are many frauds entering the field of alternative health care, as there are many frauds in the medical field ready to take your money and provide little in the way of effective healing and good health. For this reason if clients are not completely satisfied with our services we offer a full refund on the primary Hijama services the clinic provides. Clients will still be responsible for the services provided by outside practitioners and room and board expenses.

Traditional Cupping & Wellness Clinic

Main Clinic, Troutdale, Virginia

Traditional Cupping &Wellness Clinic

VIP Bungalow, Troutdale, Virginia

Our Resident Practitoners

James Mathis McConnell

Hijama Therapy and Training Ijaaza issued by Sheikh Muhammad Al-Rabbani through an unbroken chain of authorized teachers back to Prophet Muhammad (saw).

Credited with being the first to introduce Hijama over the Internet to the West James has fifteen years of continous Hijama experience without a single negative event.


Suzanne McConnell

Hijama Therapy Ijaaza issued by Sheikh Muhammad Al-Rabbani through an unbroken chain of authorized teachers back to Prophet Muhammad (saw).

Former RN wth fifteen plus years of direct health care experience. A highly advanced spiritual accumen and rare gift Suzanne has ten years of continuous Hijama experience without a single negative event.


Our Intern Practitoners

Michael Eugene Ball

Hijama Therapy Ijaaza issued by Sheikh Umar Rabbani through an unbroken chain of authorized teachers back to Prophet Muhammad (saw).

Sherry Lynn Leach

Hijama Therapy Ijaaza issued by Sheikh Umar Rabbani through an unbroken chain of authorized teachers back to Prophet Muhammad (saw).