Primary Treatment Offered

Hijama Therapy - A 100% Guarantee

The distinction between Hijama and other Cupping Therapies is the rigorous training Hijama Practitioners receive through a superior Ijazah system designed to identify only those persons who posses a high spiritual acumen and moral standard. They are all directly connected to an authorized chain of practitioners and teachers traced back through to the Prophets and Saints. 

The majority of practitioners using cupping techniques today, including many claiming to be offering hijama therapy, learned about cupping (hijama) through our own early efforts on-line but failed to heed the many warnings that Hijama is a purely religious and a spiritually demanding practice that requires a heart connection and real authorization. Without these important connections the healing properties and benefits are seriously compromised. True healers are conduits of good health and the healing that comes, is coming from the Creator of All Things, God Almighty. A concept virtually lost in today's material busy world.

The actual technical elements of cupping are fairly easily mastered, which lends to the flood of unauthorized practitioners entering the field. Those truly authorized and trained in hijama are very rare.

Fertility Treatment

The Traditional Cupping & Wellness Clinics work is focused on addressing the many problems associated with fertility health issues. Our focused techniques work to counter the many problems understood to be associated with fertility issues resulting from combined exposures to BPA, GMOs, Pesticides, Cosmetic Products, Cleaning Products, Vaccines, and Fluoridated Water. In an age of advanced nano technologies and artificial intelligence the many possibilities for abuse by those intent on reducing world populations are numerous.

Additionally, cultural habits have contributed greatly to reproductive health issues with the norm of multiple sex partners before marriage, delayed child birth, contraceptive practices and products, and abortion procedures.  Our methods are thought to greatly be able to restore damage caused by all these factors. We are so certain we offer a money back guarantee which is unheard of in the health care field.

We are not here to convince anyone of these realities, only here to offer our help to those who understand what is being said or who can grasp the possibility of some of what we have to offer. To that end, we are open to serve all people from all faith groups and belief backgrounds or known at all. Clients should fully understand this is a religious practice they are seeking help with. Our orientation when you arrive goes into much greater detail about both the factors contributing to reproductive health issues and the source of those problems.  We look forward to meeting you and answering any questions you may have.

Hijama Treatment

Hijama is best performed as a preventative treatment once or twice a year to keep the cardiovascular system clean and running efficiently. In this manner disease has no chance to develop. The claim that Hijama cures all illnesses is correct because our bodies are able to cure all illnesses when operating properly. Through the removal of dead blood from the body oxygen is able to efficiently reach all the organs of the body and allow them to heal themselves by the permission of the Creator who designed the human system in the first place. 

We have experienced some truly remarkable results utilizing hijama on all sorts of chronic conditions and illnesses. Once again, if people are not completely satisfied with the treatment we will fully refund your treatment fees after allowing the treatment to work for forty-five days.




“I was getting married soon and so concerned about E.D. problems I was having so I came for Hijama Therapy and I am now happily married with a new baby. Thanks Traditional Cupping and Wellness Clinic.

Erectile Dysfunction Client

I came to the Clinic with an unknown condition and thanks to Suzanne who spent a lot of time with me she concluded that the Gardasil Vaccine had caused my condition. A combination of herbs, black-seed oil treatment and cupping (hijama) has worked wonders in helping me become fully functional again.

I came to the Clinic with an unknown condition and thanks to Suzanne who spent a lot of time with me she concluded that the Gardasil Vaccine had caused my condition. A combination of herbs, black-seed oil treatment and cupping (hijama) has worked wonders in helping me become fully functional again.

Gardasil Vaccine  Client

My tennis elbow never acted up this much and relief was not found anywhere until I came in for just one Hijama treatment. I saw immediate results with the pain and mobility returned quickly over the next few days. Can't recommend more highly.

Sports Injury Client

Complimentary Treatments Offered

Acupuncture (Call for an Appointment)

We have established relationships with licensed acupuncture therapists who we understand posses some of the same high moral and spiritual qualities we demand with our Hijama Therapists. Acupuncture therapy is optional and made available to our clients on an on call basis. Advanced booking is required.

Natural Herbs, Tinctures and Remedies (Call for an Appointment)

All of our herbs, tinctures and remedies used in our clinic are of the very highest quality and standards from trusted sources and suppliers. 100% organic whenever possible, we use these products on a case by case basis in helping clients to overcome the many conditions related to reproductive health issues and concerns.

Massage and Bodywork (Call for an Appointment)

We have several local licensed massage therapist available for our clients as adjunct therapies that compliment our own treatment efforts.