Courses, Training, Workshops and Seminars

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* Introduction to Hijama Therapy (On-Line Course)

      Next Course Begins December 5th 2016

* Hijama Intensive (Training / Retreat)
      Scheduled for early Spring 2017


* Hijama For Cupping Therapists (On-Line Course)
      Scheduled for late Spring 2017


* Proper Sterile Procedures & Hygiene (Course)

* Art of Attar - Natural Perfume Making (Course)



The following courses, workshops and therapies are performed by third party visiting or outside licensed practitioners not directly associated with Traditional Cupping & Wellness Clinic. We like to make these service available to our clients for their own benefits and treatment preferences.



* Acupuncture (by Appointment)

* Massage Therapy (by Appointment)

The Hijama Training Video

Practicing Hijama on Grapefruit

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