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Let us be reminded about a time in history, really not so long ago, when spiritually advanced men and women rarely if ever fell ill unless their time to depart this world was at hand. A time when there were only a small number of illnesses and medical conditions that could be contracted. A time when cures and remedies were well known by spiritually advanced human beings derived from all-natural sources - sources, mostly plants and herbs, that did not produce any ill side effects.

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Available Treatments

A Spiritual Health Connection is a spiritually advanced heart connection that can be taught and mastered through well established religious practices and meditation techniques. A discipline available to those whose hearts have become sufficiently pure and clean through often times very rigorous training and meditation exercises. Many are simply born with this ability  or have developed it through their particularly harsh life experiences, but once developed, it is a powerful conduit for real health and real wellness because the source (gift) of all health is from the Creator.

Optimal health is achieved through authentic Divine Guidance and Divine LOVE.   Connecting with that reality is really what true wellness and good health is all about both for the practitioner trying to assist and the patient trying to get well. Of course people still must exercise and eat well, but it is still only from an order that all life exists.

Fertility problems were rarely experienced by men and women in the recent past who led spiritually and physically healthy lives. As part of our treatment plan we explore and treat the many causes for fertility problems that are so prevalent today. A growing number of people believe it is no coincidence and believe that the ill effects on humanity is a concerted plan to actually depopulate the world. No matter what the causes for the explosion of illness and infertility, hijama therapy, combined with certain herbal remedies provides a real solution for this debilitating problem effecting the lives of so many people.

What is a Spiritual Health Connection? (Dream-Visions)

Authorized Ijaaza Practitioners

Olympian Michael Phelps  with Hijama Marks

In a similar manner to a Jewish Rabi, trained under the direct care and supervision of a Master Rabbinical "Mohel" expert in the common religious practice of circumcision, our authorized Hijama practitioners are not only trained in the traditional religious practice of hijama (cupping) therapies central to the Traditional Cupping Clinics treatment programs, they are also carefully vetted persons found to have high moral character and spiritually advanced hearts.  A practice lost in most medical programs that is crucial to real and lasting healing. A practice that was a common requirement with shamans and healers of old.

The Traditional Cupping & Spiritual Wellness Clinic combines the use of these highly trained and vetted hijama experts with other alternative health practitioners, leaders in the fields of acupuncture, message therapy, herbal remedies, aroma therapy and other healing modalities to provide clients with a comprehensive health care approach. All practitioners are working towards their own spiritual goals in pursuit of common spiritual paths from various religious disciplines which provides a very wide range of experiences. We invite you all to come join us and see what we have to offer.

Master Rabinical Mohel Expert