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BEGINS:  Friday, April 14th 2017   Rajab, 17th 1438
ENDS: Thursday, April 20th 2017  Rajab, 23rd 1438

Make early plans to join us for this truly exciting and informative conference on Traditional Cupping and Hijama Therapy.  Come for the entire week or just one day and network with the many leading experts in the field of Hijama. Hosted by some of the few and perhaps only Ijaaza Authorized Practitioners and Teachers in the West, James and Suzanne  McConnell. The conference promises to be an in depth exploration of  the latest developments and techniques in the field of Hijama Therapy. Come observe and receive reduced cost Hijama Therapy during the conference from our new Ijaaza trained Hijama (Cupping) candidates or you may schedule an advanced appointment with James, Suzanne or one of the visiting practitioners. 

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DR. MICHAEL MATTHEW, Ed.D, a Freelance Educational Global Consultant. He is a contributing author of “Big Pharma, Bad Karma: America’s New Medicine for Wellness,” which endorses a critical analysis of today’s super-powered medical industry and the necessity of transforming attitudes for self-empowerment. In addition, he has published and presented research on the formation and impact of attitudes on leadership as well as interviewed via podcast on the science of learning. Dr. Matthew will present an overview of current research on the connection between attitudes and healing. As a recent Ijaaza candidate, he shows much promise in becoming a leading Hijama practitioner in the near future. 

www. educationalglobalconsultant. com

MS. SARAH NASSER, one of our top course graduates and recent Ijaaza candidates. Sarah holds a Master’s of Science in Management with a concentration in education.  Ms. Nasser will present her informative paper, "The application of Ijazah and Isnad (Sanad) on the religious practice of Hijama and its significance in protecting the authentic teachings of prophetic medicine.” This is a topic of paramount importance and is central in what differentiates the Prophetic practice of Hijama from other forms of Cupping Therapy. 


BETH ISRAEL SYNAGOGUE We have invited a top area Mohel to come speak on the importance of the Holly covenant as related to practice of Jewish Circumcision.  We are very hopeful this expert Mohel can attend and offer his wisdom and expertise in this field.

SHAYKH UMAR RABBANI, The longest established Hijama Practitioner in the West, Shaykh Umar is currently the only teacher offering ijaaza authorization teaching in the field of traditional cupping. He will offer several workshops over the course of the conference and present an important speech on the topic of ijaaza. He will also address the important subject of keeping Hijama as an entirely religious practice as do our honored brother and sisters do with Mohel services in the Jewish faith . The many benefits of Hijama over cupping will be presented and discussed with plenty of time for open questions and discussion.

HAJA FATIMA BURHAN, A Registered Nurse with many years experience and a highly skilled and intuitive Hijama Practitioner and Teacher, Fatima will present information on issues predominately related to women. At least one scheduled session will be exclusively held for women only.



Please make sure to provide a valid email when registering so we may notify attendees of any changes in the schedule.  The schedule is subject to change without notice. When Hijama Therapy is offered, three or four simultaneous sessions will be conducted in different exam rooms for both men & women by experienced and expert practitioners. Please make an advance appointment as space will be limited. 

It is recommended that those receiving Hijama Therapy on the last day of the conference plan to spend an extra night before traveling.  Long drives may lead to blood clotting. 

The local Store and other possible conference venders will be open from 8:00 AM until 8:00 PM beginning on Saturday.

Sunrise Morning Svc. Morning Svc Morning Svc Morning Svc Morning Svc Morning Svc
8:00 AM Hijama/Cupping Hijama/Cupping Hijama/Cupping
9:00 AM Hijama/Cupping Hijama/Cupping Hijama/Cupping
10:00 AM Group Meal Hijama/Cupping Group Meal Hijama/Cupping Group Meal Hijama/Cupping
11:00 AM Hijama vs. Cupping - Fundamental Differences
Shaykh Umar
Hijama/Cupping Learning  Hijama Techniques on Grapefruit
Ms. Sarah Nassar & Dr. Michael Matthew
Hijama/Cupping The future of Hijama in the West.  

Speaker TBA
12:00 AM Hijama/Cupping Hijama/Cupping Hijama/Cupping
1:00 PM Congregational Prayers Group Meal Group Meal Group Meal Conference Closing Remarks

2:00 PM Group Meditation Tea Service New Treatment Breakthroughs - Hijama & Fertility Haja Fatima &
Shaykh Umar
Tea Service Legal Issues with Respect to Hijama vs. Cupping

Speaker TBA
Tea Service
3:00 PM Women's Issues - Men's Issues
Haja Fatima
Shaykh Umar
The Holy Covenant - a Jewish Rabi and Mohel Explains Are doctors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, etc. qualified to perform Hijama?
4:00 PM Tea Service
5:00 PM Room Assignments A Recent Ijaaza Candidate
Dr. Michael Matthew
A Recent Ijaaza Candidate Shares her experience.
Ms. Sarah Nassar
Acupuncture and Hijama
Ali Sherbiny LAc, MAcOM 
Hijama as a Spiritual Practice Haja Fatima
Shaykh Umar
Does Hijama really cure all illnesses? 
Speaker TBA
6:00 PM Conference Orientation
7:00 PM Group Dinner Group Dinner Group Dinner Group Dinner Group Dinner Group Dinner
8:00 PM Open Discussion
Open Discussion
Open Discussion
Open Discussion
Open Discussion
Open Discussion
9:00 PM
10:00 PM



All tickets must be purchased and reserved in advance as space is very limited and the anticipated demand is very high.  We highly recommend purchasing tickets and making other arrangements by March 15th, 2017. No further tickets, admission or therapy sessions will be provided after tickets are sold out.  Check the detailed itinerary for more information about scheduled events and activities. Hijama therapy will not be performed on Wednesdays or Saturdays, no exceptions. 


One Day Admission tickets are best suited for individuals with limited time or those persons who wish to attend only one or more speeches or events on a given date. Those who do not require sleeping or food accommodations.  Priority seating will be given to purchasers of the week long Conference Priority Special tickets. Single day tickets may not be transferred and may only be used for events falling on only one calendar date. Additional days must be purchased separately. Participants may opt to eat meals but will be charged $10.00 per meal.

$25.00 per person

(Includes meals and simple sleeping accommodations). Conference Priority Special tickets are best suited for individuals and groups who intend to stay for the entire conference and who wish to sleep and eat at the Sufi Lodge. Please let us know if you have any food restrictions or allergies. Tickets include admission to all events, speeches, workshops and activities. Priority seating will be offered to purchasers of these tickets.

$250.00 per person

(No accommodations no meals) Conference Priority Standard tickets are best suited for individuals and groups who intend to stay for the entire conference and who do not wish to sleep or eat at The Sufi Lodge. Tickets include admission to all events, speeches, workshops and activities. Priority seating will be offered to purchasers of these tickets.  Participants may opt to eat meals but will be charged $10.00 per meal. Consult our List of area Accommodations and be sure to make reservations well in advance of the conference date. 

$120.00 per person


Those persons attending the entire conference or coming on days when we offer Hijama Therapy are highly recommended to make advance reservations for Hijama services.  It is not recommended to travel on the same day you receive Hijama Therapy. Please be certain you understand all food and other restrictions that apply if coming for Hijama Therapy.   The optimal days for Hijama fall on Sunday, April 16th, Tuesday, April 18th and Thursday, April 20th 2017. Other days Hijama may be performed, excluding Wednesdays and Saturdays, but are less favorable days for Hijama. 

Supervised Hijama Therapy performed by Hijama Ijaaza Candidates $35.00 per person
Discounted Group Hijama Therapy performed by Sh. Umar or Haja Fatima  $75.00 per person
Private Hijama Sessions performed by Sh. Umar or Haja Fatima $150.00 session/person
Advanced Massage,  Dry Sauna and Shower Session. (Highly recommended before any Hijama Therapy session 20 minute professional massage, 30 minute sauna) $100.00 session/person
Other visiting experienced Hijama practitioners and alternative therapy practitioners, (acupuncture, etc.)  may offer services as well. Check back here for updated details and prices.  T.B.A.


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