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The Traditional Cupping & Wellness Center is conveniently located in the Sufi Lodge (, a unique community center unlike any other you may have experienced before. It provides our cupping (hijama) clients with an environment most conducive to obtaining optimal health through our five step whole health program which starts with a dry carbon sauna (right), therapeutic massage, followed by our advanced cupping therapy (hijama) treatment, nutritional counseling and meditation and yoga practices.  

Our beautiful remote mountain locations really allows people to experience nature to its fullest. We are surrounded by mountains and many recreational activities including, camping, horseback riding, fishing, hunting and more. 

Many hikers utilize the Sufi Lodge as we are a stones throw away from the famous Appalachian Trail. 

Several rooms are available at the
Sufi Lodge according to an individuals needs and the level of donation they wish to contributed. Meals are available in a communal family basis and special efforts are made to provide any dietary requirements our guests need. 

Make reservations at the
Sufi Lodge and let us know when you wish to come visit. Make sure to take advantage of the many offerings we provide. 

Our facilities may be rented for seminars and retreats. Contact us for more information.

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Sufi Lodge

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Optimal cupping results are best achieved on the days Prophetically recommended for cupping and those days fall on the lunar (moon) calendar on the odd days with the 17th, 19th and 21st being the most favorable. Wednesdays are days prone to illness and Saturdays are not favorable days for cupping. Alternatively the 23rd and 25th are acceptable as well. Cupping may be performed at other times but it is always best to perform cupping on the optimal days. 

The following are estimated days as the lunar calendar may shift plus or minus one day, so please contact us to confirm dates when scheduling an appointment. 

2017, Monday the 15th (lunar 19th day) and Friday the 19th (lunar 23rd day). Sunday the 21st day (lunar 25th day) is also a favorable cupping day.

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June 2017, Monday the 12th (lunar 17th day) and Friday the 16th (lunar 21st day). Sunday the 18th day (lunar 3rd day) is also a favorable cupping day.  Clients should delay cupping during Ramadan if at all possible. Focus on this blessed month. 

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July 2017, Tuesday the 11th (lunar 17th day) and Thursday the 13th (lunar 19th day). Monday the 17th day (lunar 23rd day) is also a favorable cupping day.  

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August 2017, Friday the 11th (lunar 19th day) and Sunday the 13th (lunar 21st day). Tuesday the 15th day (lunar 23rd day) is also a favorable cupping day.  

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September 2017, Friday the 8th (lunar 17th day) and Sunday the 10th (lunar 19th day). Tuesday the 12th day (lunar 21st day) is also a favorable cupping day.  

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Remember to confirm dates when booking your cupping session!



BEGINS:  Tuesday, April 3rd 2018   Rajab, 17th 1438
ENDS: Monday, April 9th 2017  Rajab, 23rd 1438

Make early plans to join us for this truly exciting and informative conference on Traditional Cupping and Hijama Therapy.  Come for the entire week or just one day and network with the many leading experts in the field of Hijama. Hosted by some of the few and perhaps only Ijaaza Authorized Practitioners and Teachers in the West, James and Suzanne  McConnell. The conference promises to be an in depth exploration of  the latest developments and techniques in the field of Hijama Cupping Therapy. Come observe and receive reduced cost Hijama Cupping Therapy during the conference from our new Ijaaza trained Hijama (Cupping) candidates or you may schedule an advanced appointment with James, Suzanne or one of the other visiting practitioners. 

Honored guests will be announced shortly and may include;  

Review the full Spring Conference, Schedule and Itinerary  


The Practitioners at Traditional Cupping have provided cupping therapy in the West longer than any other practitioners. It is fairly safe to state that their efforts are primarily responsible for the explosion of interest in cupping in the fields of sports medicine and physical therapy. 

If you are looking for the most experienced and qualified cupping practitioners in the West you have come to the right place. With our new facility in the beautiful remote hills of
Troutdale, Virginia we can provide exceptional services in a pristine healing environment. We encourage all of our clients to come spend a few days at our mountain top location which is a unique experience. Many interesting people trekking the Appalachian Trail use our facility as a stop over for their travels when we are not catering to our cupping clientele. 

Healing often comes to people when they take a little time to reflect, slow down and relax. Our combined program offering organic foods, focused meditation, mountain air and superior cupping therapy provides a recipe for excellent health as well as a memorable experience makes the perfect place to find good health. We can accommodate up to ten people in the lodging side of our facility. We advise our clients to make reservations well in advance as the affordable rooms we offer are almost certain to become a very hot spot for trekkers during the summer months.

For those not wanting the more communal experience offered in the main building we also offer a private vacation rental on the same property as seen in the picture to the right.  There are also several area hotels and B&B's for just about every price level.  

If you have any questions be sure to call us and we will be happy to help.


There are many reasons for the growing number of infertility problems among both men and women, many of which can be resolved with a combination of proper cupping (Hijama) treatments and herbal remedies. The actual cupping treatment is very inexpensive ($300.00 or less), and easily performed within a three hour session. Herbal remedies are made fresh for each patient and will need to be taken twice a day over a forty day period of time. 

Clients must schedule an appointment and may opt to either stay within our mountain facility (something we encourage) or stay at a nearby hotel. Our rooms are always clean and reasonably priced. We offer a unique mountain top location with spectacular views. Couples often treat a visit like a second honeymoon. The peaceful secluded environment alone provides a nice break and a chance to get away from the stresses of life and the struggles many of you are experiencing.

Your session will begin with a one hour orientation and counseling session to discuss your specific needs and concerns. Clients are encouraged to bring their spouse. 

The actual cupping session normally runs no more than two hours and takes place in a very private and relaxed environment. One session is normally sufficient to obtain lasting favorable results. In the rare case there are no results, the second treatment is free. That is how confident we are in this promising treatment.

Our next available appointment is March 2017

Contact Us to speak with a specialist and make an appointment.

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Cupping has grown in popularity thanks mostly to athletes like Michael Phelps who have utilized cupping to increase performance and help manage pain. Sadly, it is not being administered properly and many false claims are creating much confusion. Proper methods must be followed to obtain optimal results. 

The fundamental reason cupping is such an effective treatment for so many health conditions is primarily a result of the increased oxygenation from a cleaner cardiovascular system. The cleaner the cardio-vascular system the more oxygen is delivered to vital organs and tissue which in turn promotes increased health and healing.  


  • Yearly on all middle aged and older men as a preventative treatment.

  • Post menopausal women as a preventative treatment.

  • Two weeks post operative surgical procedures.

  • Persons of all ages suffering from various chronic illnesses, including but not limited to renal failure (kidney), heart disease, arthritis, autoimmune diseases, migraine headaches, etc.

  • Persons with pulled muscles, ligaments or broken bones.

  • Persons with high blood pressure. (cupping twice a year)

  • Persons looking to increase athletic performance.

  • Other ailments and conditions.

Cupping is a highly effective therapy for maximizing an athletes competitive edge.  

More oxygen to the cardiovascular system means greater endurance and enhanced performance outcomes. The cupping therapy currently offered to most athletes is not the optimal treatment that can be performed. Learn why by speaking to one of our therapists.

Cupping used to achieve a competitive edge should be performed a maximum of twice in one calendar year. 

Optimal lunar and tidal forces need to coincide with cupping therapy treatments. 

Call for an appointment and receive important information on preparing for your cupping session. 

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